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Alolan Geodude Pokémon GO Group Day in Might

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Simply days after April’s Group Day, the featured Pokémon for Might’s Pokémon GO Group Day has been introduced as Alolan Geodude.

Pokémon GO’s controversial Stufful Group Day happened on April 23, 2022, the primary since Niantic introduced that they’ve been lowered again all the way down to a three-hour period. Nonetheless, accumulating Candies was made simpler with further bonuses, and lots of trainers appeared to have nice shiny success. Hopefully this implies Niantic managed to show Pokémon gamers’ frowns the other way up, and also you’ll be trying ahead to the subsequent one already – introduced yesterday as Alolan Geodude.

Picture from BrockPlays on reddit

In contrast to Stufful, Alolan Geodude’s shiny variant is already obtainable in Pokémon GO, so some Trainers might have already got one or two orange rocks of their assortment. Nonetheless, Group Day offers everybody an opportunity to gather a household of Alolan Geodude shinies, whereas those that have already got it will probably go on the hunt for a stronger one.

Alolan Geodude evolution

Alolan Geodude, like regular Geodude, evolves into Graveler, who in flip evolves into Golem. Subsequently, you could be trying to catch a minimum of three shiny Alolan Geodude throughout Might’s Pokémon GO Group Day for a full set.

Pokemon GO Community Day Alolan Golem Rollout

Alolan Golem Group Day transfer Rollout

If Trainers evolve an Alolan Geodude throughout Group Day (and for as much as two hours afterwards), the resultant Golem will be taught the event-exclusive transfer Rollout. Whereas not probably the most highly effective Quick Transfer, Rollout builds extremely rapidly, so you may pair it with a powerful Charged Transfer like Stone Edge or Wild Cost for an actual Battle contender.

We’ve got to confess, not like what looks as if the remainder of the web, we didn’t have a Profitable Stufful Group Day, catching simply three shinies in 183 Stufful encounters. That mentioned, we’re not deterred for Alolan Geodude, and might’t wait to get out scouring rocks for the lovable little fake-tanned dude.

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