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Dune Spice Wars factions information and ideas

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Shiro Video games and Funcom launch Dune Spice Wars in Early Entry, bringing Arrakis to video video games for the primary time in 20 years. You’ll get to work together with the noble and peaceable Atreides, the extra vicious Harkonnen, and discover the dunes with the Fremen. Nevertheless, the builders are including further factions to the sport. Listed here are all of the Dune Spice Battle factions you may play and a rundown on what you may anticipate.

Dune Spice Wars factions

There are 4 playable factions in Dune Spice Wars. Picture by way of Funcom / Shiro Video games.

On the launch of Dune Spice Wars early entry launch, there are 4 totally different factions you may play as. The primary three are a number of the extra iconic peoples of Arrakis. Home Atreides are the rulers of Arrakis, particularly within the interval of the Denis Villeneuve movie. Then, you get Harkonnen, the extra militaristic faction and the previous rulers of the planet. Then there are the Fremen, the human natives on the planet that need Arrakis to be left alone and preserved with its extra pure perspective. Then lastly, now we have the Smugglers. The Smugglers will not be essentially a canon faction, however they characterize the peoples who love cash and underground buying and selling widespread in sci-fi settings.

Beneath you can see the bonuses for every faction together with recommendations on what the factions’ playstyles are. Once we offer you an outline of common recommendations on how the faction performs, you’ll then see councilors and bonuses under them, so you may see how pairs and methods come collectively within the early, mid and late sport. Hold these in thoughts to really reap the rewards out of your 4X technique all through the sport.

Dune Spice Wars: Home Atreides information

Home Atreides is the extra bog-standard faction. You’ve gotten respectable army assist choices, together with respectable peaceable playstyles should you would like to win the sport by way of diplomacy and economic system. It is possible for you to to construct robust and huge empires utilizing this faction because of the peaceable annexation possibility, whereas getting loads of early buffs by way of the Landsraab. This may even be your win situation. Alternatively, you may go the broad empire and use the villages to construct robust manpower and army features, or go heavy on an financial playstyle and manipulate commerce to your benefit. It’s the extra beginner-friendly faction for positive that gives a variety of versatile playstyles.


  • Peaceable Annexation – This lets you peacefully annex impartial villages.
  • Different factions lose no authority from treaties with you.
  • Advantages from the next Landsraad Standing.
  • Can not pillage impartial villages.
  • At 5k Hegomony – Acquire 10% Solari whereas below a constructive Landsraad decision or 105 army energy below a adverse decision.
  • At 10k Hegemony – Ignore Constitution conditions aside from essential Landsraad Sanding.


  • Girl Jessica – Impose a treaty on one other faction for 50 affect.
  • Duncan Idaho – enhance relations with Sietch by 100%. , -10% authority to annex a village.
  • Thufir Hawat – Your brokers have one further trait. Villages achieve +20% useful resource manufacturing for two days when their area is focused by a number of operations.
  • Gurney Halleck -Unlocks Veteran Militia unit and army models begin with 1 extra expertise stage.

Dune Spice Wars: Home Harkonnen information

House Harkannen Guide
Home Harkonnen is all about army motion. Picture by way of Funcom / Shiro Video games.

Home Harkannon’s playstyle very a lot depends on army conquest. The best playstyle is to overcome as a lot land as fairly doable and handle your water provide. Then you may construct your army energy, oppress villages and get stronger forces if you head to battle in opposition to different factions within the mid and late sport. Use these mechanics to your benefit each time you defend or assault an enemy faction, gaining these army energy advantages only a few factions can compete with exterior of sure conditions or from Landsraad army buffs.


  • Can use the Oppression potential on Harkonnen villages.
  • +5% village useful resource manufacturing per lively militia
  • All the time is aware of the affect flows of the opposite factions
  • -10% village useful resource manufacturing.
  • At 5K Hegemony – Whereas one valley village is below oppression, achieve 10% unit energy and +100% agent recruitment pace.
  • At 10k Hegemony – This lets you assign an agent to a mission to cut back its value and preparation time. The agent is sacrificed.


  • Feyd-Rautha – Can use corruption on Landsraad resolutions inflicting lack of Landsraad standing for the elected faction. Acquire 10 affect upon killing a insurgent.
  • Piter De Vries – unlocks the Stealth Probe unit – suffers no provide restrict drain and features one intel manufacturing in enemy territory. Ornithopters achieve infiltration, making them solely seen at shut vary.
  • Rabban – Acquire one militia slot and oppression results elevated by 5 seconds per militia within the village.
  • Iakin Nefud – Refund 50% of a army unit’s value upon loss of life. -50% decreased value on fight medication mission value.

Dune Spice Wars: The Fremen Information

The Fremen are a extra versatile faction. You possibly can win by way of the army through the use of the sandworms to outmanoeuvre your opponent. Ideally, you solely wish to do late sport conquests to get that bonus army energy when you have got much more hegemony. This may assist you to break down an opponent’s empire, and thus their economic system. Alternatively, you may play diplomat with Steitch and have them assist overwhelm your foes by making buddies inside an enemy’s borders. Each of those techniques are good since your foes drain little or no provide by the tip of the sport, so you may afford to ship models on very long-range army expeditions and never have to fret about provide burning models.

It means within the early sport you wish to ideally play passive and construct a secure basis to your empire. You additionally wish to head into army expertise so you may get these caravans that ward your faction with the power to produce whereas out within the deserts. This lets you do deep strike missions because of the provision and stealth focus of the faction, focusing on key useful resource plains of an enemy faction, akin to spice fields.

Alternatively, you may play a really financial heavy save through the use of the information of the spice area to your benefit and stress your opponents into weak spot because the Spice tax will get excessive. You possibly can then use the Chani Kynes councillor to play diplomacy and trigger rebellions in opposition to opposing factions you may then intervene to create stress in opposition to your foes.


  • Navy models have -30% every day provide drain 
  • Means that you can kind alliances with Sietch exterior of your territory
  • Might use thumpers to journey Sand Worms.
  • Restricted acces to the Landsraas.
  • At 5k Hegemony Thumpers are generated passively they usually entice bigger worms that journey additional.
  • At 10k Hegemony – Navy models achieve energy based on your hegemony (as much as 2-% at 25000 hegemony).


  • Chani Kynes – Can incite rise up on Landsraad resolutions, technology rebellions in different factions if the decision passes. Acquire 0.5 intel manufacturing per adjoining impartial area.
  • Stilgar – Each new Village captured will increase Sietch detection progress. Grants 1 authority manufacturing per exploited Spice Discipline.
  • Mom Ramallo – Begin with the Shai-hulud Temple which reveals the situation of all Spice Fields.
  • Otheym – 10% unit pace and achieve the perk Sand Killers, who grants models with no close by allies 20% energy and a pair of armor.

Dune Spice Wars The Smugglers Information

Dune Spice Wars Smugglers Guide
The Smugglers centre on utilizing their cash to get them their benefits. Picture by way of Funcom / Shiro Video games.

The Smugglers are a faction that depends closely on manipulating the economic system. The 2 important playstyles are discovering areas through which you may make a variety of water, together with producing loads of Solari. You then wish to focus these assets on constructing underground headquarters and utilizing that to achieve science out of your opposition. It’s also possible to create buildings that siphon assets, accumulating them till you efficiently assault a village for big payouts if you’d like for the eco into army playstyle. Nevertheless, constructing networks is a gradual course of. It is best to spend the early sport getting as many villages after which infiltrating your opponent’s within the mid-game by constructing a robust economic system earlier is the overall playstyle.

You possibly can then get some diplomatic energy after 5k Hegemony, permitting you reliably swing votes should you wished to, moderately than leaving it to Harkannon and Atreides to get the buffs. You possibly can then reliably head off right into a militaristic or financial victory and manipulate your hegemony scores that approach. This aids the Smugglers passive which pays enemy factions to vote for no matter you need others to vote for. Both approach, you’re a largely financial sport, with added diplomacy or army within the later phases of the sport.


  • Can set up Underworld Headquarters in opponent’s villages.
  • Can place Bounty on Landsraad resolutions.
  • Improved interactions and choices can be found from Arrakis Black Markets.
  • Restricted entry to the Landsraad.
  • At 5k Hegemony – unlock contraband presents and achieve 50 votes and the Landsraad.
  • At 10k Hegemony – Permits the coaching of Mercenaries, mercenaries get 20% energy and are purchased with gold and prepare extremely rapidly. 


  • Staban Tuek – Underworld Headquarters produce +5 Solari per adjoining area containing an Underworld Headquarters. 0.5 affect per Underworld Headquarters.
  • Lingar Bewt – Cut back the authority value to annex a Village relying on the out there water. Cut back the fee to put in Headquarters relying on the out there water.
  • Drisq – All brokers have the service provider trait. Infiltration ranges can’t be decrease than 1.
  • Bannerjee – Acquire 305 extra when pillaging a village. Acquire plascrete by pillaging a village.

This concludes this Dune Spice Wars factions information. Why not take a look at our Dune hub for extra ideas and tips on the sport?

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