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How To Make A Bottle In Minecraft

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A glass bottle is an obtainable merchandise in Minecraft very important for brewing potions. You may drink from them and even use them to weaponize your potions. This information will present you tips on how to get one and what you are able to do with them.

The way to craft a Glass Bottle in Minecraft

You have to a crafting desk and three glass blocks to make a glass bottle. To make a crafting desk, you simply want 4 picket planks, which you may make in your Crafting Menu.

To get glass, you may both smelt it utilizing sand in a furnace or discover glass by breaking blocks with a software enchanted by silk contact.

The simplest methodology is smelting, so place some sand or pink sand into the highest field of your furnace and any gas of your selection within the backside field.

Get a glass

Place three glass blocks in your crafting desk, and also you’ll have your glass bottles.

Place Three Glass Blocks On Your Crafting Table

The place To Discover Glass Bottles

You will discover glass bottles when fishing. Upon killing a Witch, there’s an opportunity they’ll drop as much as six glass bottles as loot.

What Can You Retailer In A Glass Bottle?

Glass bottles can retailer water, potions, honey, and dragon’s breath. To make potions , additionally, you will want a brewing stand, which you’ll both discover in a village church, an finish ship, or an igloo basement.

It’s also possible to craft one with a blaze rod, and three blocks, ideally, cobblestone, blackstone, or cobbled deepslate. Nevertheless, the Java version lets you use any stone-tier block.

You may fill a glass bottle with water by holding it and utilizing it on a water block or by holding it on a cauldron stuffed with water.

Ideally, it’s finest to fill bottles with a water supply and solely use a cauldron when exploring the Nether. It’s also possible to fill it by powering a dispenser that accommodates a bottle whereas pointing at a water block.

If you wish to fill your glass bottle with honey, go to a bee’s nest or a beehive when it’s full.

Use the glass bottle on the block or energy a dispenser holding a bottle on the block. This manner, you’ll obtain an entire bottle of honey.

To fill your glass bottle with the dragon’s breath, maintain your glass bottle out when in clouds brought on by the Ender Dragon.

These clouds will normally be brought on by respiratory or firing a dragon fireball at you. If you happen to’re questioning why you’ll need dragon’s breath, you need to use it to make a lingering potion when crafted with a splash potion.

Minecraft Glass Bottle inventory

What You Can Do With Potions In Minecraft

You may fill your glass bottle with a potion, however you must fill it with water. As soon as stuffed, a 3rd potion shall be gone. You should utilize potions for numerous results, however you want a water bottle to make them.

Right here’s a listing of some methods potions can have an effect on you and your enemies:

These are simply standing results, and all potions have completely different ranges.

It’s also possible to discover them as mob loot should you don’t need to brew them. In order for you a potion of invisibility, you may even go up and kill the Wandering Dealer if he hasn’t drunk it already.

If you happen to’re within the nether, you may even be capable to barter with a Piglin for some potions. If not, you’ll find a number of by exploring the top ships within the Nether.


In conclusion, figuring out tips on how to make a glass bottle will open the door to many advantages in your Minecraft journey as you’ll be capable to benefit from potions and their many properties.

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