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Minecraft Bastion Remnants – The mobs, the loot and extra

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Minecraft’s Nether Replace launched an enormous overhaul to the spooky, hellish panorama that’s The Nether. And simply in case Blaze and Wither Skeleton crammed Fortresses weren’t sufficient already, new Bastion Remnants can now be discovered dotted across the numerous Nether biomes. These blackstone Nether buildings maintain precious loot – however you’ll need to get previous its protecting Piglins to assert it to your personal.

The place to Discover a Bastion Remnant in Minecraft

Sadly, Bastion Remnants could be nearly as arduous to search out as Nether Fortresses. And that’s as a result of the technology of each buildings works collectively. In keeping with the Minecraft Wiki, on producing a world, the sport will cut up The Nether into 368 x 368 block sections in Java Version, and 416 x 416 block sections in Bedrock Version. These sections are then separated by borders 4 chunks huge, or 64 blocks. There’s then an opportunity for both a Nether Fortress or Bastion Remnant to spawn in every of these sections. No construction can type contained in the borders. Supposedly, there’s a 60% probability on Java Version, or a 66.6% probability on Bedrock, of a Bastion forming as a substitute of a Fortress, so they’re barely extra widespread.

Inside a Bastion Remnant Treasure Room

What’s the greatest biome for Minecraft Bastion Remnants?

Bastion Remnants can spawn in any Nether biome besides Basalt Deltas, so attempt to keep away from them for those who’re particularly looking for a Bastion Remnant. In any other case, there isn’t a desire to the biomes through which the Remnant will generate, and there’s no different approach of discovering one aside from merely trawling the Nether.

As you roam, simply be sure to hold an eye fixed out for any massive quantities of Blackstone, particularly brick variants, as this may give away the situation of a Bastion Remnant, even when it’s principally buried in Netherrack.

What are the 4 kinds of Bastion Remnant in Minecraft?

The construction of a Bastion Remnant can fluctuate wildly, since they’re procedurally generated – like all Minecraft buildings – however are additionally shaped round 4 base sorts; Bridge, Treasure Room, Housing Models and Hoglin Stables.


The bridge is probably the most spectacular Bastion Remnant construction, for those who discover it out within the open. Taking the type of a Piglin’s face, you’ll immediately spot this magnificent construction, if not simply due to the Gold Blocks typically discovered on the tip of its “tongue”. You’ll be able to head into the remnant through the bridge – or tongue – flanked on each side by lavafalls.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Bridge

Treasure Room

The Treasure Room Bastion Remnant Construction is probably the most well-made of the Bastion Remnants, presumably because of the treasures inside. There can be one tall constructing, through which you’ll discover generic Bastion loot chests, which is related to the Treasure Room itself by a small footbridge. The within of the massive Treasure Room encompasses a Magma Dice spawner – the one place they are often present in Minecraft survival – in addition to a considerable amount of Gold Blocks and a Treasure chest.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Treasure Room

Hoglin Stables

The Hoglin Stables type of the Bastion Remnant options the principle block of Bastion with a number of flooring of “stables” on the facet, as you possibly can see from the picture under. These will function Hoglin Stables chests, which might embrace such gadgets as pork chops – cooked or uncooked, saddles, and leather-based.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Hoglin Stables

Housing Models

Lastly, the Housing Models construct is recognisable as a number of buildings all erected round a central courtyard, with a Nether Wart farm within the heart, making this the one different place alongside Fortresses to search out Nether Wart – wanted for brewing.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Housing Unit
Housing Models with a Nether Wart farm within the central courtyard

What loot are you able to get from a Minecraft Bastion Remnant?

The loot is, in fact, the principle attraction behind visiting a Bastion Remnant – and extra particularly, Pigstep. Pigstep is a brand new Music Disk launched within the Nether Replace, and is unique to Bastion Remnant chests. It’s additionally subjectively probably the greatest Music Disks in Minecraft due to its upbeat nature, which units it aside from a lot of the others, that are both sluggish and calming, or made up of Minecraft sound results.

Pigstep isn’t the one cause to tackle the Piglin Brutes for his or her closely guarded treasure. Whereas there’s loads of superb chest loot, don’t neglect to additionally pillage for Gold Blocks, Gilded Blackstone, Chains and Lanterns, all of which could be discovered dotted round Nether Bastions. Watch out, although, as we’ll point out later, Piglins will hold a watchful eye on you. A lot as open a chest or mine Gold in entrance of them, and also you’ll end up beneath assault.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Pigstep

Chest loot

As for the chest loot itself, there’s a lot to undergo, so we’ll follow the necessities and probably the most precious stuff. Nonetheless, if you wish to know precisely what can spawn in every kind of Bastion Remnant chest, together with the prospect of discovering it, check out the total record on the Minecraft wiki.

Treasure Room chest loot

Essentially the most precious chest loot is in fact going to come back from the Treasure Room chests. Right here, you’ll discover all kinds of diamond variants, together with Diamonds themselves, Diamond Armor and Diamond Swords. These could be undamaged and unenchanted, or enchanted with slight put on. For those who’re fortunate, you would totally package your self out in Diamond from looting a Bastion Remnant. However don’t neglect to maintain one thing gold on to maintain these Piglins at bay (we’ll get to that).

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Treasure Room chest

Treasure Room chests may also comprise an Enchanted Golden Apple and/or Historic Particles – among the many rarest gadgets in Minecraft. Historic Particles could be become Netherite Scrap, which then can be utilized to make your newly-looted Diamond armor even stronger. You may additionally discover Netherite Scrap, Netherite Ingots and Blocks of Gold in your Treasure Room chests.

Different Bastion Remnant chest loot

For those who’re not fortunate sufficient to come back throughout a Treasure Room, there’s nonetheless loads of nice Bastion loot available. From Hoglin Stables, you would be fortunate sufficient to search out Gold Blocks, Netherite Scraps or Historic Particles, a Diamond Shovel and even an Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe. In the meantime, any chest you may discover in a Bastion Remnant may maintain Golden Apples, Golden Armor or, crucially, that Pigstep Music Disk. These chests aren’t even restricted to the principle Bastion Remnant rooms, both, so be sure to examine hallways and stairwells, as they’ll result in chests.

Bastion Remnant mobs

Lastly, earlier than you head unknowingly right into a Bastion Remnant to get these precious gadgets, you’re going to want to know what you’ll be up in opposition to. Bation Remnants could be among the many hardest buildings to loot because of the sheer quantity of mobs inside, together with Piglins, Hoglins and Piglin Brutes.


Hoglins are the “animal” mob of the Nether, and the one meals supply. The beasts hit fairly arduous, however could be evaded by merely towering up a few blocks. When you have a sword with the Fireplace Facet enchantment, killing Hoglins is an effective way of constructing positive you’re by no means quick on meals in The Nether. They are often discovered en masse in all Bastion Remnants, however most incessantly, in fact, in Hoglin Stables.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Hoglins


Piglins, like Hoglins, are discovered throughout The Nether, however are in fact rampant in Bastion Remnants. It’s because it’s their territory, and so they fiercely guard the treasure saved throughout the Bastion partitions. As with all different location in The Nether, Piglins will assault you immediately if you’re not carrying any gold, so we suggest that you simply all the time enter The Nether carrying Golden Boots (as these are the most cost effective merchandise to craft, requiring solely 4 Ingots.

Piglins love gold, so regardless of letting you roam freely if you’re worthy sufficient of carrying the shiny steel, they’ll assault for those who a lot as look tempted by something gilded. Mine Nether Gold Ore, Gilded Blackstone, or Gold Blocks within the eyeline of a Piglin, and also you’ll be beneath assault earlier than you possibly can splutter an apology. Equally, as talked about earlier, open a chest in a Piglin’s line of sight, and so they’ll be after you for that, too. Even when the chests and contents are yours.

“Line of sight” is the important thing right here. The hack to simply looting a Bastion Remnant in peace is to easily construct round you and the chest, empty it out, and exit. If the Piglins didn’t see you do it, primarily, no crime was dedicated.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Piglins

And, as they love gold, Piglins could be bartered with, in or out of a Bastion Remnant. Merely throw a Gold Ingot at them, and also you’ll get a Nether-themed fee in return. We’ll talk about that in a separate information.

Piglin Brutes

Whereas Piglins are peaceable as long as you’re carrying gold (and behaving your self), Piglin Brutes usually are not so forgiving. Piglin Brutes are a hostile Minecraft mob, that means they’ll assault on sight, no matter what you might be carrying or doing. The can’t be bartered with or distracted with Gold, and should simply be killed or escaped as with all different hostile Minecraft mob. Nonetheless, for those who assault a Piglin Brute again, any and all Piglins and Brutes close by will turn into aggravated and can assault, so you would have a big, indignant mob in your fingers. “Mob” pun not supposed.

These Piglin variants could be decided from their extra ostentatious apparel. Whereas Piglins are wearing tatty leather-based clothes, a Piglin Brute can be seen carrying a black high, adorned with a big gold buckle and a gold arm band – what else? Once more not like Piglins, Piglin Brutes don’t spawn elsewhere in The Nether, sticking to their lofty Bastion Remnant houses.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Piglin Brute

Piglin Brutes solely spawn on technology of a Bastion Remnant, so for those who handle to kill all of them and hold your individual life within the course of, no extra will spawn, and also you’ll be secure to discover.

That’s it for Minecraft’s complicated Bastion Remnant buildings. For those who’d prefer to know the best way to simply find a Bastion Remnant with cheats turned on, take a look at our information to finding Minecraft buildings with instructions. In any other case, take a flick through our different Minecraft construction guides under.

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And head over to our Minecraft hub for much more information, guides and how-tos!

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