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My Time at Sandrock – The way to Get Previous Components

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Previous elements are a scarce however important a part of crafting in My Time at Sandrock. These recycled nuts and bolts are used to craft machines just like the Processor and Tailoring Machine together with objects such because the Copper Loudspeaker, however you may also reward them to sure NPCs. 

Like many supplies in My Time at Sandrock, it isn’t instantly clear the place to collect or purchase outdated elements however fret not; we’re right here to offer you a nudge in the appropriate route.

Recycling Mechanical Scrap

Establishing a working recycler is without doubt one of the first quests thrown your manner in My Time at Sandrock, so we’ll assume you may have one.

Head to the yard positioned to the appropriate of the Eufaula Salvage constructing (you might must pay 200 Gols for a weekly go), the place you’ll discover a Combined Junk Pile and a Mechanical Junk Pile you possibly can harvest for supplies, together with mechanical scrap. You may also purchase as much as 10 mechanical scrap from the Eufaula Salvage Store for 30 to 40 Gols a pop. 

Head again to your workshop and set the recycler to course of your newly-amassed mechanical scrap. Recycling one mechanical scrap offers you a ‘Excessive’ likelihood of acquiring outdated elements. Based mostly on gathering roughly 15 mechanical scrap per go to to Eufaula Salvage, count on roughly 6-10 outdated elements each time.

Notice the Combined Junk Pile and a Mechanical Junk Pile respawn every day, guaranteeing an everyday haul of outdated elements.

The place to Purchase Previous Components in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock - How to Get Old Parts

Rocky’s Eufaula Salvage Store has a inventory of two outdated elements, priced 40 Gols every on common. The store is accessed by interacting with the money register contained in the Eufaula Salvage constructing. 

Mine for Previous Components on the Eufaula Salvage Deserted Ruins

My Time at Sandrock - How to Get Old Parts

You may also discover outdated elements by mining within the Deserted ruins under Eufaula Salvage. This technique is contingent on finishing the Crane Fee as a part of the Choosing Up the Slack most important quest. You received’t have entry to the ruins earlier than reaching this level in My Time at Sandrock’s story.

With the crane constructed and put in on the Eufaula Salvage yard, head right down to the decrease degree and enter the Deserted Ruins. Every go to prices you 10 Gols. Be sure you have loads of stamina and some regenerative meals objects as mining quickly burns by means of your stamina.

From right here, use the scanner to find relics, which have an opportunity of being outdated elements. There’s no tried and examined technique; it’s merely a case of quarrying as many as potential. Relying on My Time at Sandrock’s RNG, your max stamina, and the pickhammer you’re wielding, a single go to ought to bag you anyplace from 2 to 10 outdated elements.

That about covers the best way to get olds elements in My Time at Sandrock. Need assistance monitoring down treasured water? Head right here.

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