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RX 6750 XT vs RTX 3070 Ti – fairly priced mid vary

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With the brand new AMD RDNA2 refresh, we now check out the center of the pack with the RX 6750 XT vs 3070 Ti. Extra targeted on upping its beneficial properties vs the 3070 we nonetheless have a look at if it might probably maintain it’s personal additional up. Each of the GPUs are aimed on the center market of 1440p gaming. A wide variety of decisions for the finest graphics card.

The Radeon card is the newer of the choice. With a virtually one-year distinction between the discharge of the 2. With the 3070 Ti being launched in June 2021, while the 6750 XT extra lately in Might 2022. Including some new choices for the purchasers to have a wider vary of choices.

ASUS ROG Strix AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT

ROG Strix RX 6750 XT box


Wonderful cooling to extend life

Nice overclocking alternative

Largest manufacturing unit overclock


RX 6750 XT solely max 9% quicker than 6700 XT for 15% value hike

Dearer possibility from choice

Asus Logo

ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3070 Ti OC Version



Manufactured by completely different firms the 2 GPUs function completely different manufacturing processes. With a unique manner of working and processing it isn’t a direct one-to-one comparability, you may make between them. But it surely does give a base understanding of what to anticipate.

The RX 6750 XT relies on the Navi 22 KXT GPU variant. Totally different to the 6700 XT however with none core modifications. Nonetheless primarily based upon TSMCs 7nm course of, it holds 17.2 billion transistors in a die 335 mm² in dimension. While the 3070 Ti relies upon the GA104-400 GPU variant. Which itself is created with Samsungs 8nm with 17.4 billion transistors, making a die 392 mm².

ROG Strix RX 6750 XT front side


RX 6750 XT RTX 3070 Ti
GPU Navi 22 KXT GA104-400
Shaders 2,560 6,144
RT cores 40 48
TMUs 160 192
Reminiscence 12GB GDDR6 8GB GDDR6X
Base clock 2,150 MHz 1,575 MHz
Increase clock 2,600 MHz 1,770 MHz
Reminiscence clock 18 Gbps 19 Gbps
Card bus PCIe 4.0 x16 PCIe 4.0 x16
Reminiscence bandwidth 432.0 GB/s 608.3 GB/s
TDP/TBP 250 W 290 W

We additionally examine the 6750 XT vs 3070 Ti specs. Though some aren’t straight comparable there are some extra commonplace ones. Seeing what you’re additionally getting as a part of the entire package deal if any of the choices are higher than the opposite.

GPU die cores

Though, with differing architectures, it’s not a direct comparability it might probably present some primary figures. The cores are the segments of the die which can be specialised in engaged on mathematical computation to create your graphics. With shaders on shadows and shading, RT cores on real-time ray tracing, and TMUs making 3D objects.

The numbers present a little bit of distinction between the 2 playing cards. With the RX 6750 XT sporting 2,560 shaders in comparison with the 6,144 of the 3070 Ti. A major distinction but additionally could also be all the way down to the structure. While the others are solely barely completely different, with a distinction of 40 to 48 in RT cores, and 160 in comparison with 192 in TMUs. Though can have completely different optimizations and methods of working.

ROG Strix RX 6750 XT backplate


Video reminiscence on a card is used as a body buffer and pixel retailer. Decreasing the frametime and latency between the units. While additionally permitting larger resolutions an opportunity to operate as they must render extra pixels.

The 2 have diverse approaches to their VRAM. With the Radeon card going for dimension over pace. With 12GB of GDDR6 clocked at 18 Gbps, which by means of a 192-bit bus permits the bandwidth of 432 GB/s. With the RTX card having 8 GB of GDDR6X clocked at 19 Gbps. Together with a 256-bit bus so a bandwidth of 608.3 GB/s.

Clock fee/cycle

The frequency of silicon is how typically the crystals can flip. This in flip is the way it processes mathematical directions to create the graphics you see. Sooner charges enable for faster processing and decrease latency. So this spec is susceptible to overclocking.

Evaluating the 2 playing cards we see Crew Pink take the lead in pace. The 6750 XT has a base clock of two,150 MHz and a lift clock of two,600 MHz. While the 3070 Ti, solely will get a base clock of 1,575 MHz and a lift clock of 1,770. A variance of between 0.5-1 GHz between the 2 playing cards.


Stands for the entire design/board energy of a graphics card. It’s the measure of the utmost quantity of energy the GPU will use when working at most. It provides an concept of the vitality consumption of the cardboard and the warmth it could give off. So evaluating the 2 we see the 6750 XT with a decrease 250 W ranking. In comparison with the 3070 Ti’s 290 W, a hungrier and warmer card to run.

ROG Strix RX 6750 XT heatsink

6750 XT vs 3070 Ti efficiency

Going by means of Tom’s {Hardware} RX 6750 XT evaluate, we will see the efficiency of the cardboard. In addition to seeing the way it compares to the remainder of the alternatives. In it, we discover the 3070 Ti taking the lead nearly all of the time with the 99th percentile. Though the typical may be barely larger at instances.

Though when it comes to ray-tracing efficiency the Radeon card loses out fairly a bit. As with the present ray tracing cores and optimizations, AMD does lack the efficiency. In addition to in rendering and work performances they fall behind Nvidia.

6750 XT vs 3070 Ti value

There isn’t a number of distinction between the 2 decisions for his or her MSRP. The 6750 XT has a launch value of $549, while the 3070 Ti is about at $599. So solely $50 isn’t an enormous change within the scale of issues. That’s if you should buy them for that value even with the GPU pricing falling from its over-the-top nature.

And searching on the market, there’s nonetheless some distinction. Now we have seen the 6750 XT on sale for that value. Nonetheless, the 3070 Ti suffers in that area. With it nonetheless promoting above the asking value. All those we’ve seen have not less than $100 further so it could make it a neater alternative.

MSI logo



MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Ventus 3X

MSI Ventus 3X 3070Ti


Bolstered steel backplate

TORX Fan 3.0 with Zero FROZR


Can develop into a bit noisey


General evaluating the 6750 XT vs 3070 Ti, on paper, the 3070 Ti does take it. Main in efficiency. Particularly in ray tracing and rendering for less than $50. Nonetheless, with the present market, it could be higher to get the 6750 XT for a less expensive value for close to the efficiency. Particularly for those who don’t want the worse-off areas.

Though it may be price ready for the subsequent technology of graphics playing cards. The RX 7000 sequence and RTX 4000 sequence are anticipated to come back within the second half of 2022. Which can provide higher playing cards but additionally probably decrease the costs of the present technology.

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