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Shadowrun Hong Kong Companion Information: Principal Social gathering 

Final Up to date:

The lifetime of a runner could be a brief one, and it at all times pays to know who has your again within the shadows. Shadowrun Hong Kong’s companions are among the many most developed in the entire collection, in mechanics as a lot as character. In our Shadowrun Hong Kong companion information, we’ll stroll you thru specializations for Gobbet, Is0bel, and Duncan, and make it easier to weigh up which option to make at every improve tier. 

Shadowrun Hong Kong: Gobbet 

Gobbet is at all times available with a cautionary story of a run gone mistaken, however your resident Rat Shaman’s magic may be as harmful as her tales are instructive. Boasting abilities in spellcasting and conjuring alike, Gobbet can match a large variety of niches in fight.   

Gobbet’s first improve path – Territoriality – means that you can construct her up as an energetic spellcaster, specializing in harm, HP elimination, space management, and buffing. Alternatively, you may focus extra on Gobbet’s spirit summoning skills by taking the Spiritualist path, rising the ability and reliability of her summoned spirits, and giving her highly effective instruments to immediately take enemy spirits off the board. 

Tier 1 

Gobbet’s first Territoriality talent is Ranged Fight, and her first Spiritualist talent is Spirit Management.

  • Ranged Fight grants Gobbet an additional level in her Ranged Fight and SMG abilities. This additional will increase her accuracy and harm potential when wielding her chosen firearm.
  • Spirit Management makes it in order that – regardless of what number of AP you give them – Gobbet’s spirit summons have a 0% likelihood of escaping within the first two turns they’re summoned. 

There’s a transparent winner when selecting between these two abilities, and it isn’t even shut. Companion characters won’t ever hit the best finish of their key stats, so the extra factors that Ranged Fight presents are good, however the difficulty is that Gobbet is solely simpler as a caster than as a Raged Combatant, whether or not you are taking this talent or not.

It is best to solely actually be utilizing Gobbet’s SMG if no different choices can be found, or if you really want an enemy completed off and her offensive spells are on cooldown. Spirit Management gives an extremely helpful enhance to Gobbet’s summons, permitting you to load them up with AP on their first two turns with out concern of them breaking out of your management. 

Finest choose: Spirit Management 

Tier 2 

Gobbet’s Tier 2 abilities each revolve round coping with enemy spirits.

  • Territoriality: Destroy Spirits offers Gobbet a brand new talent that enables her to immediately kill a hostile spirit.
  • Spiritualist: Steal Spirit lets Gobbet Hijack enemy spirits and management them, with the additional potential to regulate two spirits directly when her Spirit Management stat reaches rank 5. 

Whereas the selection between these abilities isn’t as clear-cut as Tier 1, Destroy Spirit tends to be extra broadly helpful. Whereas stealing management of an enemy spirit can doubtlessly flip the tide of battle, it’s usually extra helpful to easily eliminate them altogether, particularly since Destroy Spirit has a comparatively brief cooldown. 

Finest choose: Destroy Spirit 

Tier 3 

  • Territoriality grants Increase Spell: Poison Fog at tier 3.
  • Spirituality grants Shrine Spirits.

The Territoriality improves Gobbet’s Poison Fog spell by turning it into Acidic Fog, which reduces enemy AP on contact in addition to dealing harm. Shrine Spirits permits the spirits that Gobbet summon to remain in battle for an additional flip, bettering their longevity. 

It’s one other clear winner at this tier. Having spirits round for yet one more flip is a pleasant profit, however Acidic Fog’s AP harm is just too helpful to go up. 

Finest Choose: Increase Spell: Poison Fog 

Tier 4 

  • Plague barrier is Gobbet’s tier 4 Territoriality enchancment
  • Spirit Management grants Satan Rat Spirit Fetish.

Plague Barrier provides a complete new spell to Gobbet’s toolkit, which creates a heavy cowl barrier that offers harm and reduces AP. Satan Rat Spirit Fetish provides an merchandise to Gobbet’s stock that enables her to summon a Satan Rat Spirit on every mission. 

That is the primary tier that may show to be a troublesome resolution. Each upgrades may be extremely helpful, and your alternative actually comes down as to if you’d moderately go for fast gratification or play the lengthy recreation.

The Satan Rat spirit may be very helpful when it first unlocks however slowly turns into much less integral the nearer you get to the endgame. Plague Barrier may be difficult to make the very best use of, however may be devastating to an enemy workforce when solid in the correct spot, and its usefulness by no means wanes. 

Finest Choose: Plague Barrier 

Tier 5 

  • Territoriality brings Increase Spell: Haste at tier 4, bettering Gobbet’s already highly effective Haste spell.
  • Spirit Management offers Gobbet a brand-new potential at this degree – Devour Spirit. This potential destroys a hostile spirit, therapeutic Gobbet and granting her 1 bonus AP for 2 turns. 

In case you thought powerful selections had been right here to remain on the larger tiers, you’d be mistaken. Your Tier 2 alternative is all you have to take care of enemy spirits, making Devour Spirits an extraneous choose.

Increase Spell: Haste grants Gobbet an improve to what’s already essentially the most broadly helpful spell Shadowrun Hong Kong has to supply. Devour Spirits depends on the presence of Spirits to be efficient, however Haste can, and will, at all times be solid in any Shadowrun Hong Kong fight encounter. 

Finest Choose: Increase Spell: Haste 

Shadowrun Hong Kong: Is0bel 

Is0bel Upgrade

If there’s one factor The Shadowrun Trilogy teaches you early on, it’s that you simply ought to have a Decker with you each time attainable. And in Shadowrun Hong Kong, Is0bel fills that area of interest with type. Virtually any run turns into simpler with Is0bel available to deck into our on-line world and mess with enemy methods. 

Fortunately, Is0bel isn’t solely a whizz within the matrix, her fight abilities in meatspace are not any slouch both.

Her first improve path is Sabotage, bettering her fight skills by upgrading her instruments and imbuing them with debuffing properties. Stuns, armor discount, and damage-over-time are all unlocked by this path.

Is0bel’s different improve path is Espionage, primarily bettering her decking abilities. Program upgrades and our on-line world buffs are the advantages of this path, in addition to a discount within the dangerous results of taking real-world harm whereas decking.  

Tier 1 

Is0bel’s first improve tier gives:

  • Increase Weapon: Mini-Launcher from the Sabotage path.
  • Tar Blaster from Espionage.

Mini-Launcher customizes Is0bel’s grenade launcher and permits it to put distant proximity mines, which can be triggered manually. Tar Blaster augments Is0bel’s Blaster program; it now forces enemies to remain in a single place on a profitable hit.  

The Mini-Launcher could make for an efficient area-denial software, however in most conditions, it’s merely extra helpful to hit an enemy with the launcher’s important mode of fireside, as a substitute of ready till their flip and hoping they detonate the mine earlier than getting a shot off on you. On more durable difficulties, enemy packages within the matrix may be deadly, and stopping them from swarming you whilst you choose them off is a really helpful potential.

Finest Choose: Tar Blaster 

Tier 2 

  • Is0bel is granted Regular Shot from Sabotage at tier 2.
  • Espionage comes with Increase Potential: Mark Goal.

Regular Shot is a talent that provides 30% to a single shot from Is0bel’s pistol, whereas Mark Goal augments the talent of the identical title to cut back enemy armor by 1 when used.  

Regular Shot is helpful when you really want to hit a selected enemy, doubtlessly to complete them off. However Mark Goal is helpful in nearly any scenario, and armor discount is an unbelievable enhance to Is0bel’s late-game fight utility. 

Finest Choose: Mark Goal 

Tier 3 

  • Is0bel’s Tier 3 comes with a second Increase Weapon: Mini-Launcher for Sabotage.
  • Increase program for Espionage.

This time round, the grenade launcher will likely be up to date to ignite enemies and inflict 6 additional harm. The Increase program will increase Is0bel’s velocity within the matrix by 40% when used. 

The extra harm for the mini-launcher helps Is0bel sustain together with your different runners by way of harm enter, turning her into an area-igniting menace. And whereas elevated matrix motion velocity is helpful, particularly for later infiltrations, this improve is rendered nugatory as a result of you should buy a lift program for Isobel and mortgage it to her as a substitute, permitting her to successfully obtain each upgrades from this tier should you take Increase Weapon: Mini-Launcher.   

Finest Choose: Increase Weapon: Mini-Launcher 

Tier 4 

Each of Is0bel’s tier 4 upgrades can help you modify the dwarven decker with cyberware.

  • Sabotage gives the BrightLight system, which is put in in her cybereye and means that you can blind a single enemy for two turns.
  • Espionage enables you to set up a JoltAlert system, which brings Is0bel again to 1AP each time she loses sufficient AP to turn out to be shocked. 

The BrightLight system inflicting blindness is helpful for positive, however the hefty 6-turn cooldown takes away from what would in any other case be a improbable potential. JoltAlert is certainly one of Shadowrun: Hong Kong’s most helpful cyberware upgrades, and with the ability to set up it on an ally is improbable. Whereas it might not come into play as usually because the BrightLight system may, you’ll be extremely glad you selected it each time it prompts.  

Finest Choose: JoltAltert System. 

Tier 5 

  • Isobel’s remaining Sabotage improve is one final Increase Weapon: Mini-Launcher. Its grenades now take away 1 level of enemy armor each time they deal harm.
  • Her Espionage potential at this tier is Ache Suppression, which reduces incoming meatspace harm to Is0bel by 3 per hit each time she’s linked to the matrix. 

Is0bel usually solely takes severe harm whereas decking should you go away her undefended, and in these circumstances, a harm discount of three per hit is negligible. Constant armor discount with each shot is just too good to go up. It has the potential to make or break fights with heavily-armored foes within the late recreation. 

Shadowrun Hong Kong: Duncan 

Duncan Wu

Your fellow adoptee from the Barrens, Duncan Wu has come a good distance from the offended avenue child your runner as soon as known as brother. Duncan joined Lone Star in an try to study management and bounds, giving him spectacular resilience and deadly firearm abilities. 

Duncan’s first improve path is Deadly Pressure, upgrading his already spectacular fight abilities by decreasing foes’ armor, rising accuracy, and including a number of new instruments to his gear.

His second path is Crowd Management and focuses extra closely on AP discount than outright harm. This permits Duncan to swing the motion economic system in your squad’s favor, eradicating enemies’ potential to behave for a flip or extra, letting his allies transfer in for the kill. 

Tier 1 

  • Duncan’s First Deadly Pressure improve is the Firepower Spherical, an assault rifle potential that offers 2 additional harm and bypasses as much as 2 armor.
  • Crowd Management grants the Underslung Beanbag potential at this tier, which offers 2 factors of AP harm and has a brief, 2-turn cooldown.   

Firepower Spherical isn’t a nasty alternative in case your workforce composition doesn’t embody many different strategies of decreasing enemy armor. Armor turns into far more prevalent – and far trickier to take care of – within the late recreation. Some type of armor bypass or discount is a should. However different squadmates have far more efficient strategies of coping with armor, and Duncan isn’t precisely missing for offensive choices provided that he focuses on Rifles, arguably Shadowrun Hong Kong’s greatest weapon sort.

Underslung Beanbag presents an early-game possibility for disabling foes for a flip, and, because of its brief cooldown, stays related all through the entire important marketing campaign. 

Finest Choose: Underslung Beanbag 

Tier 2 

  • Mercy Kill is Duncan’s Tier 2 Deadly Pressure potential.
  • Subdue is granted by Crowd Management.

Mercy Kill is a rifle shot that’s 99% assured to hit, and offers two additional harm, however is just able to hitting targets at 25% of their total well being or much less. Subdue augments Duncan’s Subdue potential by decreasing its cooldown from 3 rounds to 2. 

It is a pretty powerful alternative and balances broad usefulness in opposition to permitting Duncan to fill a selected Area of interest. Subdue is a helpful potential, however requires Duncan to be up shut with foes, versus dealing harm together with his rifle from afar.

Mercy Kill is nice in particular eventualities, however can’t be activated exterior of these circumstances. Mercy Kill barely wins out, however solely as a result of there’s no different talent within the recreation that gives such near-guaranteed success in taking out weakened opponents. 

Finest Choose: Mercy Kill 

Tier 3 

  • Deadly Pressure grants the Nail Grenade at tier 3.
  • Crowd Management offers Duncan the Modded Flashback.

Each choices add a grenade merchandise to Duncan’s common gear. The Nail Grenade offers a further burst of injury in an space, adopted by 4 extra harm to these caught within the blast for two subsequent turns. The Modded Flashbang has the identical results as a daily flashbang however has a wider space of impact. 

The Nail Grenade’s extra harm over time is critical, particularly should you catch a number of enemies within the blast. Nevertheless, the Modded Flashbang is extra more likely to have an effect on a number of enemies. Its results are extra useful to the opposite runners in your workforce than merely making use of a piece of injury. 

Bearing in mind that these are each once-per-run objects, the Flashbang has broader utility versus the Nail Grenade’s hefty supply of injury. 

Finest Choose: Modded Flashbang 

Tier 4 

  • Duncan unlocks Recoil Compensation at Deadly Pressure tier 3.
  • The Shock Baton from Crowd Management tier 3.

Recoil Compensation removes the standard 10% accuracy penalty from the rifle’s full-auto hearth mode. The Shock Baton is a brand new melee weapon that’s added to Duncan’s gear, which offers an unbelievable 2AP harm per hit however wants recharging after each two hits. 

The Shock Baton is an incredible new a part of Duncan’s arsenal. The Potential to deal a complete of 4 AP harm to an enemy workforce’s pool is a shortcut to swinging the momentum of a combat again in your course. If this was another tier it might be a sure-fire choose.

However sadly, the rifle’s full auto mode is certainly one of, if not the toughest hitting strategies of assault in all of Shadowrun Hong Kong. If the Shock Baton didn’t require Duncan to stand up near enemies, then it’d simply have the sting, however Recoil Compensation is just too good to go up. 

Finest Choose: Recoil Compensation 

Tier 5 

  • Duncan’s highest improve tier comes with the Shiawase Magnet Arm for Deadly Pressure.
  • The Fuel Grenade for Crowd Management.

The Magnet Arm has Duncan routinely catch incoming grenades and redirect them to the individual that threw them. The Fuel Grenade offers ongoing AP harm in an space of your selecting. 

Sadly, enemies are unlikely to remain within the cloud for multiple flip in the event that they might help it, so until you handle to put the gasoline at a choke level, its usefulness is generally restricted to a single spherical of fight. And later in Shadowrun Hong Kong’s marketing campaign, grenade-throwing enemies turn out to be plentiful. The Magnet Arm turns into an unbelievable defensive software for Duncan at this level, negating heavy harm to the social gathering and dealing it to enemies as a substitute. 

Finest Choose: Shiawase Magnet Arm 

That does it for our Shadowrun Hong Kong companion construct information.

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