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Slugging In Pores and skin Care: Why Is The Web Obsessed With It?

“Slugging” has been round for years (and should even be one thing your mother nonetheless does), however it lately exploded on TikTok because of Ok-Magnificence. With nearly 280 million mentions of slugging on TikTok, it might be the web’s favourite viral skincare hack, however is that this much-loved therapy for everybody? Let’s examine the slugging skincare pattern collectively. 

What Is Slugging? | Outcomes From SluggingWho Ought to Do Slugging & How Usually?How To Slug | My Expertise | Different Issues

What Is Slugging?

Slugging entails coating your face in a petrolatum-based product like Aquaphor, or Vaseline or, for a ‘cleaner’ various, a thick (petrolatum-free) lipid balm resembling our Rosehip & Lemongrass Restore Balm, earlier than going to sleep.

The rationale for slugging is that the balm (in skincare phrases: an occlusive) acts as a bodily barrier, sitting on prime of your nighttime skincare routine, sealing in any hydration and stopping moisture loss. 

In keeping with the Mayo Clinic, lipid balms like petroleum jelly, act like a greenhouse and insulate the pores and skin “in order that it does not lose warmth and does not lose moisture.” Any hydration you’ve utilized throughout your skincare routine can be totally absorbed into the pores and skin fairly than evaporating in a single day.

Slugging additionally helps the pores and skin’s moisture barrier. Elevated hydration means your pores and skin is healthier ready to defend towards irritations or allergens that may trigger blocked pores or breakouts. A wholesome barrier additionally means sooner restoration from any breakouts that do happen. 

Slugging just isn’t one thing we advocate to everybody. It’s an awesome step for these with a dry pores and skin kind and dehydrated pores and skin. Nevertheless, for individuals who are extra breakout inclined or have an oily pores and skin kind, we might counsel the occasional slugging therapy (each couple of months if wanted) or in no way, as slugging could improve breakouts for shiny pores and skin sorts.

Slugging isn’t a miracle therapy for everybody. The AAD recommends avoiding petroleum jelly or thick occlusives when you’re liable to zits or breakouts. Though petroleum jelly is non-comedogenic, such a thick layer can entice lifeless pores and skin cells and grime, the proper situations for breakouts.

Whereas these with dry pores and skin could love the marginally oily residue that slugging can go away you with, oilier pores and skin sorts could need to keep away from trapping any additional oil. In case your pores and skin is zits inclined or on the oilier aspect, contemplate a substitute for slugging. Layering a hyaluronic acid-based serum with a thicker face masks is a hydrating choice that gained’t clog your pores.

Though the title slugging is new — the observe just isn’t. Korean, Afro-Caribbean and European magnificence practices have used variations of pores and skin slugging for generations — slugging the pores and skin on the face, fingers, ft, eyelids and lips to cut back dryness and encourage product absorption. It’s additionally widespread to see the observe utilized by professionals after micro-needling or chemical peel remedies, or as a relieving salve for these with eczema or psoriasis. 

Outcomes From Slugging

After a nighttime routine of slugging your pores and skin, you need to get up with wholesome, smooth-looking pores and skin that has been hydrated by way of the night time and is much less prone to wrinkle or develop superb traces. The method works to forestall transepidermal water loss, to maintain moisture in your pores and skin and improve the consequences of the skincare merchandise you’ve utilized to your face.

Who Ought to Do Slugging and How Usually?

Slugging is finest for drier pores and skin sorts, mature pores and skin, or those that really feel dryness by way of the cooler seasons. The observe is particularly useful although winter when temperatures drop and the pores and skin barrier is compromised or in danger.

Every individual ought to slug in accordance with their desire of product thickness. Begin with a cleansed face and observe as many steps of your skincare routine as you want. End up by including a number of dabs of yoasur slugging product and construct as much as a blueberry-sized quantity. Apply a few times per week (and even every day) relying on how dry your pores and skin feels and the way your pores and skin reacts. However, all the time patch check earlier than making use of to the entire face. We’ve a extra thorough routine clarification beneath. Now, let’s transfer on to a slugging routine (watch for the ultimate step for the slugging half!). 

How To Slug: Sleep Hydration Centered Nighttime Routine 

Begin about 30 minutes earlier than heading to mattress.

1. Cleanse your pores and skin. Gently cleanse with the Agency Pores and skin Acai Cleanser, an ultra-hydrating technique to take away impurities from the pores and skin.

2. Exfoliate for additional smoothness. The Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant incorporates plant extracts to {smooth} the looks of the pores and skin with out stripping any moisture. 

3. Hydrate with a spritz. Take pleasure in a number of spritzes of our Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist for a refreshing raise. 

4. Deal with with a serum or essence. We love the Birch Water Purifying Essence for a lift of hydration, or contemplate making use of our Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum for additional moisture – or, attempt each! 

5. Apply a moisturizer. The light-weight hydration in our Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Hydrator is an ideal increase of hyaluronic acid. 

6. Apply a face oil. We love the Camellia Glow Stable Face Oil — heat up a small dab in your palm and {smooth} over all the face. 

7. Time to slug! Take a blueberry-sized quantity of the Rosehip & Lemongrass Restore Balm, melting it first in your fingers, and evenly rolling it over the face. Containing shea butter and beeswax, the balm will act as a coating to lock in hydration and stop moisture evaporation from the pores and skin. Go away the product on when you sleep.

8. Within the morning, use your cleanser to take away any morning-after residue, or just rinse the face with water to begin with a clear base for the day forward. 

My Expertise

As somebody with year-round dry pores and skin who actually feels the dry air by way of the cooler months, slugging performed an enormous function in my skincare routine this winter, and I fortunately jumped on the pattern. Each second night time, I utilized my serum, moisturizer and facial oil earlier than smoothing out a blueberry-sized little bit of Rosehip & Lemongrass Restore Balm throughout my nostril, brow and cheeks. 

I cruised by way of winter with glowy, moisturized pores and skin — which I most well-liked over the dry, flakey and typically peeling winter pores and skin I am used to experiencing. Because the climate will get hotter although, the necessity to slug has diminished, and I’m now slugging a few times per week max.

Different Issues

1. Potential For Pillow Staining

For those who sleep with a silk pillow case, contemplate switching again to your cotton pillow case on a slugging night time, or sleep with a smooth towel over your pillow.

2. Strategize Your Pores and skin Care Routine

Including slugging into your routine could require some planning as it would be best to keep away from utilizing any actives, resembling AHAs or BHAs, or retinoids on a slugging night time. Because of the glasshouse impact we point out above, sealing in merchandise intensifies the consequences of some skincare merchandise, particularly chemical exfoliants. Nevertheless, layering mild moisturizers or hydrating serums whereas slugging is ok.

3. Cleaning Beforehand Is A Should

Eradicating make-up and grime is an important step earlier than you begin layering and sealing — you don’t need to entice any particles or nasties that you simply collected all through the day.

4. Hair Up! 

Until tomorrow is hair wash day, we’d advocate tying up lengthy hair and pinning again your fringe to keep away from waking up with oily hair caught in your face.

Have you ever tried slugging or do you swear by one other viral pattern? We might love to listen to about it! Tell us on our social media, or within the feedback beneath.  

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