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Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle location information: All maps and missions

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Sniper Elite 5 has one other collectable that you must get, known as Stone Eagles. These are inanimate stone objects discovered on high of buildings at each degree within the marketing campaign. If you’d like the gathering achievements, that you must scout after which shoot all of the Stone Eagles on every map. Beneath you will discover the places of all Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagles for each map.

Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle places on all maps and missions

Beneath you’ll discover the placement of all Sniper Elite Stone Eagle places for all maps. We now have included a couple of ideas and tips on methods to efficiently spot all stone eagles to make sure you don’t miss the chance.

Atlantic Wall mission 1 Stone Eagle places

Listed below are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle places for Atlantic Wall.

The three Stone Eagle places on Atlantic Wall are listed above. These usually are not too exhausting to search out, and there are a lot of areas you’ll be able to stand to search out tall three stone eagles on Atlantic Wall.

  1. The one to the east of the map’s boundary is on a chimney on a constructing exterior of the map. You may see it from the radar dish if you’d like or attempt to snipe it from the sector, however b cautious of the German guards within the space.
  2. There’s a stone eagle on the roof of the sniper vantage level on the fringe of the seaside. Look to the highest of the city or the seaside, and it is best to see it.
  3. The ultimate one is on the entrance of the principle manor contained in the city. Face the entrance of the constructing, and also you shall spot it.

Occupied Residence mission 2 Stone Eagle places

Occupied Residence Stone Eagle locations Mission 2
Listed below are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle places for Occupied Residence.

You may simply discover the entire Stone Eagles from the vantage of factors across the Chateau. The third one is a bit robust to see from the Chateau. However, you will discover it by patrolling the river or the stone bridge if you want. 

  • The primary one you will discover is above the constructing the place the stolen vintage sniper is perched, albeit additional to the correct of the window.
  • The second is on high of a constructing close to the farming village space on the far west aspect of the map. You may snipe it from the target window room that that you must break into on the upstairs part of the residence.
  • The ultimate one that’s more durable to search out is the one by the river. The Stone Eagle is positioned on a boulder that’s on the treeline by the river.

Spy Academy mission 3 Stone Eagle places

Spy Academy Stone Eagle locations Mission 3
Listed below are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle places for Spy Academy.

Sadly, you’re going to go on a little bit of a journey to search out the Spy Academy Stone Eagle places. There’s one in the course of the map, the very north and the south of the principle space of the map.

  • The primary you will discover is the one on the southwest of the principle complicated on the map. While you begin the mission and see the complete map, you’ll be able to take the shot from the beginning of the map after leaving the secure resistance space.
  • The second is on the northeast nook of the principle complicated, proper on the high of the town. It’s on a rectangular-shaped constructing, which is simply to the southeast of the Spy Academy secondary mission.
  • The ultimate one is on the very north of the map. There’s a collapsed stone destroy on a tiny island. The Stone eagle is discovered on the destroy, which you’ll be able to snipe from the seaside or the highest of the town complicated.

Conflict Manufacturing unit mission 4 Stone Eagle places

War Factory Stone Eagle locations Mission 4
Listed below are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle places for Conflict Manufacturing unit.

The Conflict Manufacturing unit stone eagle places usually are not that tough to search out. They’re all pretty close to primary mission places, or alongside the paths to and from these places.

  • The primary one may be discovered for those who comply with the southern path down out of the resistance beginning space. The stone eagle is simply earlier than you do the ultimate cross throughout the river. Look to the damaged wall with the vines and grass rising on it. There’s a stone eagle proper there.
  • The second is discovered on the round primary goal constructing discovered on the mid-east aspect of the map. The stone eagle is true on the high of the constructing. We suggest standing someplace to the east of the principle goal room the place you get the underground hospital logs to get the correct angle on the stone eagle.
  • The ultimate stone eagle is discovered exterior of the map. It’s on a constructing simply exterior the map boundary to the south by the practice tracks on a brick constructing, perched on high of a whitish stone roof. 

Festung Guernsey mission 5 Stone Eagle places

Festung Guernsey Stone Eagle locations Mission 5
Listed below are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle places for Festung Guernsey.
  1. The primary one can also be in the identical constructing you will get a workbench. Look to the west aspect of the church, and it is best to see the stone eagle on the nook of the constructing. 
  2. Whereas within the space of the primary one, you’ll be able to see the opposite stone eagle of Festung Guernsey on one of many tall stone bunkers with defences on the sector between the church and the bunker.
  3. The ultimate workbench is within the very high proper of the map. It’s on high of a bunker with sandbags on the roof. Test for the skin going through social gathering of the sandbags, and the stone eagle needs to be current.

Liberation mission 6 Stone Eagle places

Liberation Stone Eagle locations Mission 6
Listed below are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle places for Liberation.
  1. The primary Stone Eagle location on Liberation is on the windmill, which is simply to the east of the primary city goal for those who begin from the unique starting. Take out the primary goal, and it needs to be secure to shoot the stone eagle on the windmill.
  2. The second stone eagle on liberation is on the nook of a blown up church to the far west of the map.
  3. The ultimate one is the place the tank battle commences after blowing up the bridge barrier. Yow will discover it within the entrance of a blown-up window ledge on the northeast nook of the cul-de-sac you struggle the tank at. 

Secret Weapons mission 7 Stone Eagle places

Secret Weapons Stone Eagle locations Mission 7
Listed below are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle places for Secret Weapons.

The key weapon stone eagle places are maybe the toughest stone eagles to search out within the recreation. They’re all tightly hidden within the areas of the map you by no means go to, making these a complete ache to search out.

  • The one on the southeast of the map is a part of a stone backyard. Head to the family within the space and look in the direction of the little mount you can not climb. The stone eagle is perched beside a rock, mixing with the stone atmosphere.
  • The one within the southwest of the map can also be robust. You could climb the southwestern a part of the fort all the way in which to the highest. You may then see a stone eagle on an alcove within the stone wall additional above.
  • The ultimate one is probably the toughest Stone Eagle to search out within the recreation. The stone eagle is contained in the water spit exit of the dam, which you will discover by the gushing water results coming from it. You’re finest standing on the round guard tower on the highest proper nook of the dam to get the most effective likelihood of recognizing the eagle. 

Rubble and Destroy mission 8 Stone Eagle places

Rubble and Ruin Stone Eagle locations Mission 8
Listed below are the Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle places for Rubble and Destroy.

This map is hard, contemplating there are two stone eagles exterior the Rubble and Destroy map boundary.

  • The primary is exterior of the map boundaries to the southwest of the seaside. Yow will discover it alongside the sting of a tough to see the constructing from the seaside. Scan the world till you see a constructing with an eagle on it. Enable your binoculars to scan it simply in case to make sure you’re trying on the proper constructing.
  • The second eagle in Rubble and Destroy is on the Japanese kill goal’s manor. Yow will discover the stone eagle proper on the entrance center little bit of the roof lip. Shotting it should trigger you to alert the german and Japanese guards within the space. You may get an honest have a look at the stone eagle from the blown-up constructing the place the workbench is discovered.
  • The ultimate is on the opposite constructing linked to the Submarine pen. You may head to the roof of the pen space and discover the stone eagle on the constructing to the east of the sub pen.

This concludes this Sniper Elite 5 Stone Eagle location information for all maps. For extra content material, walkthroughs and guides on Sniper Elite 5, try our Sniper Elite 5 hub!

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